I'm Dead.

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In the same situation as Itachi.

I turn 21 august 27th 2014. I am 100% sure I will not live to see that day.

This anger has gotten way too bad man like way to bad. I don’t even know how to control it like I don’t know if a person is supposed to feel the heat in their blood but I do and like everything gets hazy like at the moment I’m focusing so hard on this. I’ve been reading so much on anger management and steps to help alleviate stress and like negative energy and maybe I’m being impatient but none of it works. Like I don’t know what to do I’m shaking I have like 9 stitches because of this shit. I need help man I’m sick.

Scumbag. Photo: @swerdnaa
I don’t even know
I got overalls

Keep me round for the sex and the bad days.


don’t let tumblr fool you into thinking anime is cool

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Park Ft.Angel [Prod.By IcyTwat]


I made this yesterday check it out