I'm Dead.

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Don’t trust it if it breaths

I’m so fucking mad man I gotta calm down

Trying something once is just the first step to doing it twice.

Another favorite 

I honestly love this song.

Sometimes I feel like people really see how far they can bend you before you break

I’m really so angry man

Heathen Part 1:

I feel like this is almost more important than the mixtape. Damn I swear it’s such a bitter sweet feeling, it’s a good feeling to see how far in a year I’ve come with this music stuff. But also it reminds me of all the shit going on during making in and still currently. It messes me me up going back and listening to it because I feel just how this past year has probably been the hardest I’ve dealt with, but I feel like no one really knew that. And I mean I’m not one to just go cry to someone about my problems are anything so being able to speak about them in any form was a huge sigh of relief. Like a nigga really got diagnosed and dealt with depression and insomnia lol. That’s nothing to laugh about but I guess when they said oh it’s a serious problem things will get tough I didn’t take it seriously but fuck man that shit has been taking a toll on me. I remember when I made the song Slap on Heathen I had only slept about 6 hours in 5 days or something insane. Just looking back at it and the feelings I was dealing with while recording certain songs is crazy. It also made me notice how it’s just me because 90% of the time it was just myself in that cave of a room pressing record

Im so angry